CDC Daska

Cluster Development Centre for Metallurgy, Casting, Dies and Agriculture Implements at Daska


Location:        Small Industrial Estate,Gujranwala Road, Daska.

Total Cost:     Rs. 67.641 million

Objectives:     To provide common service facilities for die-making, machining and testing facilities for Surgical Equipments, Auto parts and Agriculture implements


  1. CNC Machining facility.
  2. Design facility (CAD/CAM).
  3. Conventional (Low Tech) Machining Facilities.
  4. Dies and Mold making facility.


CDC Chiniot

Wooden Furniture Common Facility Service Centre and Show Room at Chiniot.


Location:        2-K.M. Faisalabad Road, Chiniot.

Total Cost:     Rs. 12.144 million

Objective:       To provide support service facilities in order to improve the quality of wood carving furniture and fixture.


  1. CNC Wood Carving Facility.
  2. Computer Aided Designing Facility.
  3. Display Center Facility.
  4. Wood Seasoning Facility.
  5. Furniture Production

CDC Sialkot

Product Development Centre on Composite Based Material for Sports Goods Sialkot


Location:        Small Industrial Estate-I, Sialkot.

Total Cost:     Rs. 19.074 million.

Objective:       To provide assistance to the small manufacturers of sports goods in terms of testing facilities for raw material and finished goods.


  1. Raw Material Testing Facility.
  2. Tensile Testing Facility.

CDC Sargodha

Business Support Centre for Electrical Fitting (Bakelite and Other Plastic ) Industry at Sargodha 

Location:        Small Industrial Estate, Lahore Road, Sargodha.

Total Cost:     Rs. 38.434 million.

Objective:       To provide common service facilities for the development of dies for Bakelite and plastic electrical fittings and testing.


  1. Machining facility on CNC machines
  2. Die Making Facility.
  3. Conventional (Low Tech) Machining Facilities.


CDC Lahore

Support Centre for the Development of Auto Parts Designing of Tools and Dies and Provision of Testing Facilities at Lahore


Location:        Kotlakhpat Industrial Estate, Lahore.

Total Cost:     Rs. 99.855 Million.

Objective:       To provide support services for the development of auto parts, designing, testing/inspection, production of dies and heat treatment facilities.


  • Machining facility on CNC machines.
  • Die and Mold Making Facility
  • Design facility (CAD/CAM)
  • Reverse Engineering  (Faro Arm 7-axis Portable CMM)

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