Census & Survey of Small Cottage Industries in Punjab

Introduction An Overview

A progressive & prosperous society requires thriving and dynamic markets, strong & internationally competitive companies, world class infrastructure with modern urban centres. To achieve such in Punjab, one of the pillars of Economy – Manufacturing[1] needs greater attention from the policy makers.
Prior to 1975, no reliable statistics on small and household industries were available. To fulfil the dire need for data, PSIC, with the approval of Government, carried out a census in 1975-76, covering 6,292 Household and 32,741 Small units in cities and towns of Punjab. PSIC conducted yet another census in 1986-87 counting 93,852 small scale industrial units. Download Consolidated Report
To update the data base of industrial units in Punjab, PSIC has conducted Census of Small & Household Manufacturing Establishments in the Urban & Rural Areas of Punjab 2004-05, enlisting 2,17,953 industrial units. This Scheme is financed out of A.D.P. 2004-05 with Rs. 9.280 million and Rs. 10.943 million for Urban and Rural Areas, respectively. This census elucidates immense potential of this sector and provides reliable data for the researchers and policy makers for effective policy making. Elaboration and further analysis of the findings of this Census shall be very instrumental in achieving the Goals set in Punjab Vision 2020.
Significance of Small Scale Industries
The nexus between agriculture, industry and business is one of the much-discussed strategies for economic growth, today. To complete this circuit Small Scale Manufacturing Industry has a vital role to play. Its importance in industrialization and employment generation is well established. For instance, the Small, Cottage & Household Industries sector provides a large and increasing number of jobs.[1] The small and household manufacturing industries sector contributes about one third of the total manufacturing activity of Pakistan. Thereby, Pakistan’s ability to cut short the spectacle of un-employment the resiliency and growth of SSM[2] sector may provide the real niche.
The following basic stats portray the importance of small manufacturing sector for National & Provincial Economy.

Objectives of Present Census & Survey
Different agencies have conducted various Census/Surveys from time to time, to assess the contribution of SSM in the National & Provincial Economy. However, due to paucity of reliable data the contribution of this sector towards national GDP is being estimated at a constant growth rate of 7.5% for the last many years based on a survey conducted by the Federal Bureau of Statistics during 2002. Census under-consideration is an effort to update & complement the desired data.