Success Stories



I was unemployed  but I had an experience of textile weaving. I started my little factory with the a small loaning of Rs 3 Lac from PSIC. Now I am  earning  good income for my family in my village. Thanks to PSIC”.

Muhammad Ramzan Chak 164 G/B, kamalia Faisalabad


I started making small items in the village starting form Rs. 5000. PSIC provided me a small loan of Rs. 1.00 Lac. Now  I own a small industry of Rs. 19 Lac and has employed 12 persons”   Thanks to PSIC

Haji Allah Rakha M/S Ravi Industries Kotli-Lohran,Sialkot

Family Skills Transferred to the Next kins

“In our village, girls used to go for  search for work in Cites and were  poorly paid. With a loaning of Rs. one Lac from PSIC, I formed a group of women artisans and setup an Embroidery factory in the village. Now all woman are receiving good income for their  work near their homes”. Thanks to PSIC.

Hajran BiBi  Embroidery House. Taunsa Sharif, D.G Khan

Long live Pak-Dutch friendship.


“I started my factory with a loaning of Rs. 5.0 Lac from PSIC. Now I have a factory with a working capital of Rs. 6.0  Million with 70 workers and paying taxes to Govt, also”.

Thanks to PSIC.

Muhammad Hanif Bajwa,Pak Hosiery, Hafizabad Road Gujranwala


“The C.S.S.I 2002 loaning scheme of PSIC was a very good financing scheme. I received a loan of Rs. 3.00 M in the year 2003. now my Business portfolio is Rs. 20 M.

Thanks to PSIC”

Ahmed Faragh Siddiquee , Ahmed Textiles, Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad

Gul BiBi, (Rajan Pur)was knowing the art of textile crafting but  have no finances to purchase raw materials etc. Now PSIC has provided her a loan of Rs. 25,000.

“Hassan Din, (Chiniot)was knowing the art of wood crafting but no finances to purchase raw materials etc. Now PSIC has provided him a loan of Rs. 50,000”.


“The Green program launched by the PSIC is environment friendly and user friendly. The diesel buses plying on the roads are major cause of  pollution and dangerous for the Environment . Thanks to PSIC for the new invention of conversion of diesel engine into CNG dedicated engine.  I am saving fuel and earning better  income”.

Hassan Khan, Transport Officer, Wapda Multan