The scheme is designed to offer services to the local artisans by providing technical and advisory services including innovative designs. The main objectives are to develop innovative designs of black stone artifacts and supervise the local artisans to develop diversified crafts for local as well as foreign market by:-






  1. Creating designs that can meet the international standards.
  2. Preparing prototypes out of the new designs (30 designs per year).
  3. Organizing Seminars/Exhibitions on crafts and develop marketing linkages.
  4. Contacted JICA and arranged visit of JICA delegation to Project Office.
  5. Prepared 90 new designs. 
  6. Exhibited Black Stone Products in 22 exhibitions.
  7. Conducted 5 artisan workshops, 1 student’s workshop & 2 seminars.
  8. Launched Facebook page to promote Black-Stone Products and project activities.
  9. Helped the artisans to form / establish an association titled “Taxila Sill Stone & Building Material Association”