Establishment of Metal Crafts Artisans Village at Shiekhupura Road, Lahore (Aouj-e-Hunar)


Gestation Period : 2015-18. A

The handicrafts sector is an integral component of creative and cultural industries. It represents the cultural heritage of a country to the world. The government of Punjab gives importance to this important sector and has always been keen in patronizing this sector. The PSIC is a significant vehicle of the government of Punjab to intervene in this sector to support and patronize the artisans engaged in this sector. PSIC is playing an instrumental role in development and promotion of handicrafts sector by making strategic interventions in the cluster of artisans since its inception. In the past PSIC has successfully accomplished ADP schemes in this sector like; Development of carpet sector at Ahmad Pur East (Bahawalpur), Development of lacquer Art Sillanwali (Sargodha), Salt Crafts Khwera , Stone Crafts Taxila and in addition the most valuable contribution of PSIC in this sector is publication of series of books on handicrafts (10 Nos.) . PSIC is undertaking research on 05 districts in the crafts sector through an ADP scheme and the outcome will be published in another 05 valuable books. PSIC is also running an ADP scheme at Kot Abdul Malik Lahore for supporting the Metal Crafts artisans cluster established over there that will be completed by the financial year 2015-16. During the course of intervention at Handicrafts cluster at Kot Abdul Malik and as a result of a baseline survey, a need was felt to continue supporting the Handicrafts cluster of Lahore by providing them a reasonable infrastructure support in the form of an Artisan Village. In India, China and Thailand such an Artisans Villages had proven their significance in the development and promotion of handicrafts sector and as places of tourist’s attraction. Henceforth, PSIC intends to take a leap forward to provide further handholding to the artisans engaged in the handicrafts sector by establishing a metal crafts artisan village near Lahore at Kot Abdul Malik (Lahore-Shiekhupura Road).



Provision of sustainable infrastructural support, quality product development & marketing facilities to the metal craft artisans through a well-organized Handicrafts Artisans Village.


The Metal Crafts Artisans Village will be established at 2-3 acres of land with complete infrastructural facilities like roads, sewerage, water supply, electricity, gas, telephone, dispensary, prayer area, park  etc.

The Artisan Village will also have the following facilities as well:-

  • Artisan Workshops & Display Center
  • An Exhibition Hall/ Auditorium for display and sale of handicrafts, cultural shows & meetings
  • Administrative block
  • Commercial area
  • Training Hall
  • Provision of interest free credit Assistance to the artisans