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CASA 2002

The Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) has always been a pioneer in successfully catalyzing the development of crafts and handicrafts in the Punjab. Continuing in its tradition of being a change catalyst PSIC has now introduced its new Credit Assistance Scheme for Artisans-2002 (CASA-2002) with more emphasis on the Regional Crafts and development of women craftsperson.

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The Chief Minister Punjab, encapsulating his vision to alleviate the poverty in the province decided that Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) would develop a Micro Finance Self Employment Scheme for unemployed youth of Punjab, targeting especially the skilled Diploma Holders of TEVTA, PVTC, Sanatzar’s of Social Welfare Department or other Technical Training Institutes with an appropriate share of Female Trainees by using the services of Micro Finance Institutions through a transparent procedure.

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PSIC launched a Pilot Scheme for Inductions of Local Roti Plant in Lahore, Gujranwala & Faisalabad at a total cost of Rs.1.600 million. During 2008-09 under this scheme 5 Roti Plants were established one each in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, and 2 in Lahore. The Pilot Project met with an immediate success as all the Roti Plants are functional / operational.

Decision taken by the Chief Minister in a meeting held on 29.7.2009 regarding installation of 300 more Roti Plants in 36 Districts of the Punjab conveyed vide E.A letter NO.AEA-1-2-2/2009 dated 8.8.2009.


Government of Punjab plans to impose a ban on operation of diesel buses in the major cities of Punjab. This purposed ban will be operative subject to the approval of the competant authority, keeping in view the rising enviornmental pollution as well as noise pollution.Unfortunately, diesel buses in the province are not economically viable due to repeated escalation in the price of POL/Diesel which results into increase in the fare of transport in the cities and across the province. The Government of Punjab has a time-bound programme to phase out conventional diesel engine buses with the CNG fitted buses. This is primarily being done for well-known environmental considerations starting from Lahore.


CSSI 2002

The Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) has always been a pioneer in successfully catalyzing the development of the Small Scale Industrial Sector in the Punjab. Continuing in its tradition of being a change catalyst PSIC has now introduced its new Credit Scheme for Small Industries 2002 (CSSI-2002) with more emphasis on the hitherto neglected, areas like agriculture, handicrafts, women enterprises and the service sector industries.


A meeting was held on 11.06.2012 under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Punjab regarding de-radicalization – long term rehabilitation programme of fourth schedulers. The objective was to explore avenues of funding for the fourth schedulers rehabilitation process in the light of de-radicalization strategy of Government of the Punjab. It was also decided that PSIC will prepare the concept paper of financial assistance scheme for long term rehabilitation programme of 4th schedulers.


A loaning scheme costing Rs. 500 Million to finance the purchase of CNG Auto Rickshaw for the public has approved by PDWP in its meeting held on 02-08-2006. This scheme was started at Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan & Gujarat. The average estimated price of Rickshaws to cover under the scheme is Rs. 1.326 lac per unit. PSIC has planned to lease out 5000 Rickshaws till 30-06-2009 utilizing amount of Rs. 500 Million. The amount of Rickshaw is being subsidized by Department of Transport by paying Rs.20, 000/- per rickshaw. The total subsidy would be 100 Million which would become due from DOT against 5000 rickshaw under the scheme. PSIC would extend loan equal to 75% cost of Rickshaw @ 5.50% profit p.a (flat).


The scheme namely “Micro Finance for Household Enterprises” has been approved for ADP at a total cost of Rs.80.00 million with an allocation of Rs.60.00 million in ADP-2007 – 08. The Scheme is designed to provide Credit Assistance to the Household & Cottage Enterprises in the Province. It will also help in achieving the objectives of poverty alleviation through employment generation. Household Enterprise is basically a cottage industry but the inmates (owner or events) of the house who are living in it are also carrying out the manufacturing activity. The project “Micro Finance for Household Enterprises” will cater to the financial needs of the household enterprises spread all over the Punjab. The financial assistance shall be provided through PSIC existing infrastructure & manpower. PSIC has an experience of 20 years in addressing to the financial needs of household enterprises through craftsmen & craftswomen. 

Hand Looms and Craft Bases Textile

Handlooms & crafts based textiles are manufactured nearly  all over Punjab e.g. Multan, located in Centre of the Punjab Province , is famous for manufacturing of textile products on handlooms such as Khadi cloth for dresses, bed covers, napkins, tapestry, block printing, tie & dye and natural dyes etc. Jhang is famous for manufacturing of textile products on handlooms such as woolen blankets, bed durries, khase etc. Bahawalpur is famous for craft based textile products such as embroidery, appliqué and patch work, flassi and D.G. Khan is famous for embroidery etc. Presently the people engaged in handlooms and crafts based textiles do not have easy access to upgrade the quality of their products in term of designing, quality control, production level and marketing due to non-availability of  finances at the required time.

The administrative approval was issued by the Secretary Industries Government of the Punjab for “Customized Lending Programme for Promotion & Development of Handlooms” at total cost of Rs. 40.000 Million with an allocation of 20.00 Million for the year 2008-09 sponsored by Punjab Small Industries Corporation. 


PSIC launched Rural Industries Loan Funds Scheme in 1983-84 to 1985-86 with the approval of PDWP in its meeting held on 29-10-1983. A sum of Rs. 190 lacs was approved to be provided through ADP Allocation. The scheme was to gear up industrialization in the Rural Area to stop exhaust of the Rural Population to the Urban Area by creating more and better job opportunities for the Rural Population nearer to their homes. It was decided that through this funds, credit facilities be provided to the prospective entrepreneur, desirous of making transaction from middle level agricultural / Trading Sector / Petty Village Artisans to industries by making use of the package of technical, managerial, advisory and financial in puts provided by the Punjab Small Industries Corporation.


Punjab Small Industries Corporation launched a scheme titled “Rural Industrialization Programme” (RIP) approved by the Government in May 1986 with the condition that the entire loan of 220.00 lacs would be made available by the Corporation own resources and the Provincial Government will only pick up interest subsidy through Annual Development Programme (ADP).

Dutch Government with the approval of Pakistan Government to obtained Rs. 15.00 Crore as grant in aid under their financial and technical assistance programme with the conditions that an equal amount would be provided by the Pakistan side for the above schemes.

Due to resource constrained, the Government could not provide the necessary funds, hence they allowed PSIC to retain the advances provided to it as loan for the development of industrial estates in the Province and utilized the same as Punjab Government’s equity towards the Dutch Assistance Programme. However the mark-up on Government interest comes to about 15% p.a and the loan is being disbursed to the prospective entrepreneurs at subsidized mark-up of 7%v per annum, the Provincial Government agreed to provide subsidy of 8% to meet the differential through a scheme titled “Subsidy on Rural Industrialization Programme & Self Employment” which was approved by the Provincial Government in May, 1988.

SME 200

Planning & Development Department allocated an amount of Rs. 1000.000 Million in Development Programme 2008-09 for financing of SMEs  under the Scheme at GS No.2561. In this regard the recommendation of working group constituted by Chief Secretary Punjab for preparation of comprehensive loaning plan by PSIC, other committee and task forces constituted by Chief Minister for this purposes were considered and PSIC proposed a prioritization and utilization plan for  Rs.1000.000 Million. This plan which included the present scheme has been approved by the Chief Minister Punjab through a summary hence the scheme was prepared, which was approved. The administrative approval was issued by the Secretary Industries, Government of the Punjab. 

SME 300

The scheme SME 300 Million was approved in the PDWP meeting held on 19-01-2009 at a total cost of Rs. 300 Million. An amount of Rs. 300 Million was allocated by the Govt. for the sustained development of COTTAGE/MICRO INDUSTRIES/ARTISAN/CRAFTMEN-WOMEN AND HOUSEHOLD INCOME GENERARTING PROJECTS. Based upon allocation of Rs. 300 million PSIC designed a credit scheme for the target group to promote cottage & Micro Industrial Sector.