QuestionI am residing in the area which is very close to the GANDA SINGH WALA Border-Kasur. I am desirous of establishing a unit of ceramics in this area. Please advise me Hafiz.M. Younas, village Kalan Ganda, Singh Walla, Kasur.

Answer: Dear Mr. Younas PSIC encourages the promising enterprises in Kasur; but as per policy of the Govt. the establishing of any sort of industrial unit in an area close to the border is prohibited. However you may establish the industrial unit in the industrial estate Kasur where all the civic facilities are available. You may contact D.D.O Kasur for further guidance.

Question. Dear Sir we are a group of four people and have a land in Gujar Khan, we intend to establish a Marble Polishing Unit in Gujar Khan, Please adivse. Raja Afsa Abbasi, Dhok Kalar, Teh, Gujar Khan.

AnswerThank you for contacting PSIC. You can establishing a Marble Polishing unit in Gujar Khan PSIC can provide you loan as per policy. You are advised to contact Regional Director Office Rawalpindi for further details.

Question. We received a loan of Rs. 600,000 in 2003 for our poultry farm in Murree. But due to “Bird Flu”. We have suffered a great loss. Can PSIC waive off entire loan? Raja Muneer Khan, Bhambreel Murree.

Answer: Dear Raja Muneer  The loss of business is regretted but there is no policy to waive off loan by the PSIC, Govt. of Punjab.

Question. Dear Sir I am making some items of handi craft from wood; but I have no resources to buy the wood increase my production. Can PSIC help me?Mrs. Fatima Bibi, Basti mulak, Multan.

Answer: Mrs. Fatima Bibi. We are happy to learn that you are a craftswoman PSIC strongly encourages the craft people. PSIC has a facility of small loans as well as  buy back facility. You are advised to contact R.D office Multan.

Question. Dear Sir, I intend to buy CNG Rickshaw can PSIC help me; how?  Khawar shah, Baghbanpura, Lahore.

Answer: Dear Mr. Khawar, PSIC can help you to buy CNG Rickshaw on installments. You are advised to apply on is prescribed form which is available in the Head Office of PSIC.

Question. Dear P.D we are group of transports operating our buses in Lahore and Multan. Can PSIC help us in converting our Diesel Engine in to CNG bus engine? How can PSIC provide loaning facility? A.M Khan &Co, transports new bus stand, Abdali Road Multan.

Answer: Dear Mr. Khan. You will be glad to know that PSIC has launched a scheme for conversion of Diesel buses in to CNG buses and a loan for Rs. 6.0 lac is available. You are advised to contact the R.D, office Multan.