Industrial Estates


1-   Constitution of Board of Management to Manage the Affairs of SIEs.

a-  Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) has established 21 Small Industries Estates across the Province. Most of these  are fully colonized. These Industrial Estates where managed and run by the PSIC Regional Directors / Head Office. However, considering serious administrative issues adversely affecting the productivity/efficiency of the SIEs, the present PSIC Management devised a major policy shift and decided to constitute a Board of Management, for each SIEs, comprising of Industrialists having industrial units in the respective Estate, and hand over the administrative control to these Boards, in order  to manage their day to day affairs / matters.

b-  The Board will be responsible for controlling all operations including determination and collection of different fees and charges / penalties and spend the same on the maintenance of the SIEs. Besides it would devise policies for the improvement / development of the SIEs,  and frame rules / SOP for running it. The ownership of SIE will however, remain with the Corporation. The PSIC Board of Members the supreme governing body of the Corporation has very kindly   approved the plan.

2-   Establishment of New Industrial Estates AND Extension, Up-gradation / Renovation of Existing Small Industries Estates.

a-  There has been a persistent demand by the different Chambers of Commerce & Industries and Industrial Associations for extension of the existing SIEs and establishment of new Industrial Estates in different cities. Considering this, the PSIC Management has conceived a Master Plan for establishment of new Industrial Estates and extension of existing Industrial Estates, based on thorough “Need Assessment Exercise” carried out in close collaboration and consultation with all stakeholders. In addition Up-gradation and Renovation of our existing Industrial Estates has also been planned. The programme is spread over a period of 5 years and will be undertaken in two Phases.

b-    PHASE-I

In Phase-I new Industrial Estates have been planned at Wazirbad, Gujranwala, Mandi Baha-ud-Din and Sialkot. The existing Industrial Estates at Daska and Mian Channu will be expanded to provide additional plots for the potential entrepreneurs. Besides Missing Facilities and Repair / Renovation / Up-gradation of the existing Industrial Estates at Gujranwala, Sialkot, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad has also been planned. The entire programme has been formulated in close consultation with the concerned Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Industrialists Associations. The PSIC Board of Members, has approved the Phase-I of the “Master Plan” devised by the PSIC Management.


In Phase-II Industrial Estates at Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Multan and Bahawalpur will be established alongwith Up-Gradation and provision of Missing Facilities at the existing Industrial Estate at Gujrat, Kasur, Taxila and Khanewal.

3-   NEW INDUSTRIAL ESTATES IN PHASE-I:  New Industrial Estates will be established at; 

  1. Gujranwala
  2. Wazirabad
  3. Mandi Baha-ud-Din
  4. Sialkot
  • Gujranwala is the hub of industrial activities in the clusters of household appliances, machinery, foundry, agriculture implements etc. There are already 3 Industrial Estates in Gujranwala i.e Gujranwala-I, Gujranwala-II and Gujranwala-III. However considering additional requirements of industrialists, the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gujranwala and Industrialists Associations have been persistently requesting for setting up of new Small Industries Estates in Gujranwala.Based on their request and consequent selection of site, land measuring approximately 200 acres is being acquired on the road Eminabad-Sialkot. The Revenue Department has been formally requested for acquisition of the said land and the process of acquisition of land by the Punjab Government under section-4 of Acquisition Act is in progress. The development work is likely to start in approximately   3-4 months’ time and completed in 18 months from the day of commencement of civil work.
  • Wazirabad   is famous for its traditional manufacturing of cutlery for over a century. The cluster of cutlery industry consisting of over 200 units is spread over urban areas of the city. The Cutlery Associations has been requesting for establishment of Small Industries Estates for the cutlery manufacturers of Wazirabad since long. Based on their request approximately 70 acres of land proposed / recommended  by the Association adjacent to the Cutlery Development Centre,  on the main Wazirabad-Sialkot Road is being acquired. The Revenue Department has been formally requested for the acquisition of state land which is in progress by the Government of the Punjab under section-4 of the Land Acquisition Act. The development work on the site is likely to start within 3 to 4 months and completed in 18 months from commencement of development work.
  • Mandi Baha-ud-Din  has a large cluster of Tractor and Auto Mobiles Parts Manufacturing Industry, which includes a substantial Export Components. On their request different sites have been identified and are being examined in order to select the most suitable site considering all technical aspects and needs of all the stakeholders.
  • Sialkot  has a large industrial manufacturing cluster of Sports Goods, Leather Garments and Surgical Instruments.  There is already a Small Industrial Estate established by PSIC in Sialkot which is fully colonized. The industrialists therefore needed additional space for expansion and also to set up new units. Different sites proposed by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sialkot and Industrialists Association, Sialkot, are being examined in order to select a most suitable site considering all technical aspects and needs of all the stakeholders.

    a-  SIE Daska: Daska is a small,  traditionally & historically   industrial town, located in between  two major hubs of manufacturing  industry in the Province  i.e Gujranwala and Sialkot-I. It already has a Small Industries Estate which is fully colonized. Considering the demand of the local industrialists for extension in existing Small Industries Estate an additional piece of land measuring 50 acres was acquired by the Corporation under section-4 of Land Acquisition Act. After completing all the formalities of acquisition and approval of PC-I the Corporation has now called for applications from the interested parties for allotment of plots. The development work is likely to start in approximately 4 weeks and completed in approximately 18 months.

    b-   SIE Mian Channu: Small Industries Estate, Mian Channu was established in 1991 under Self Financing Scheme on 50 acres.  Later 120 kanals adjacent to the SIE was provided by the order of the then Chief Minister Punjab to PSIC for expansion of the estate. Another piece of land measuring  60 kanals was earmarked for a lagoon to cater for waste water of the estate, which is no more required. Unfortunately, said land measuring 180 kanals has not been developed till date. A PC-I has now been prepared alongwith the layout plan of the proposed extension/expansion in the SIE. The Need Assessment alongwith determination of price, at which the plots would be allotted, is in progress. As and when the exercise is completed the development work will commence.


    Small Industries Estate in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Bahawalpur were established with the funds provided by the Government of the Punjab,  somewhere in 1980’s and 1990’s. Over a period of time the infrastructure has deteriorated which needs renovation / up-gradation. Moreover some facilities, essentially required at present time are missing. Considering this a comprehensive plan to up-grade / renovate and provide missing facilities in these SIEs was formulated. Two PC-Is i.e “Development of Infrastructure in SIE Bahawalpur, SIE-I Gujranwala, SIE-II Gujranwala, and SIE Sialkot amounting to Rs.202.978 million” and “Development of Infrastructure in Small Industries Estate, Faisalabad amounting to Rs.374.545 million” were presented  to P&D Department for approval. P&D Department has approved both the PC-Is in principle. As and when the funds are released by Finance Department the civil work will be initiated after completing all codal formalities.